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Quick trader was raised as a startup, and today the company positions itself as one of the leaders of the modern financial and investment industry. We worked a long time to build a team united by shared ideas. We set an ambitious goal to become a company that is able to change not only the financial market, but also its partners' lives, to set the market on course that will be of great value both for us and to our partners and investors. We started with an idea to establish a company that would assist people without any special economic knowledge and skills to become part of a huge financial system and entrust their assets and money to professionals. As a result, the Wiseling company was established. Moreover, Quick trader is a high level of security and a guarantor of protection and safety of our investors' funds and assets. Acting as the main guarantor in all financial transactions we care about the reliability of our own investments and those of our partners. Therefore, Wiseling is constantly improving its security system to provide control and ensure compliance with all terms and conditions that refer to the transactions quality and legality. Our team meets all these obligations every day. Since all the company's security systems are constantly upgraded, we can assure that we provide the highest level of reliability at all cooperation stages from the registration of a partner in our company to dividends that a partner gets from our company's work (regular financial transactions of a partner in the company).

Quick-trader serves as the trusted advisor and financial manager for working and retired professionals, multi-generational families, companies and charitable foundations. Simply put: our job is to create and preserve wealth. We focus on portfolio growth tempered with a vigilant oversight of downside risk.Quick-trader serves as the trusted advisor and financial manager for working and retired professionals, multi-generational families, companies and charitable foundations.

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The main directions of the company’s development will be always focused on social and financial security of customers. We use all reasonable efforts in order that the level of our products and services has always remained the highest.


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We only accept Bitcoin and perfectmoneyas our payment method at the moment. This is to ensure flexibility in payment from any part of the world.



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Compnay Strategy

Our Strategy

Quick trader investment strategy is focused on maximum security and high liquidity. It consists in achieving the highest profitability within the specified risk limits. Quick trader is guided by the principle of entrepreneurial prudence in its investments which in turn can be divided into two dimensions: 1. All trading operations are done in such a way as to ensure compliance with the requirements in terms of quality, security, liquidity, profitability and availability for the total investment portfolio. This includes matching the types, qualities and timing of investments that match the characteristics of the liabilities. 2. The execution of a trade is only permissible if the embedded risks are identified, measured, tracked, managed, monitored and reported appropriately so that they can be included in the solvency calculation. Quick trader assets can be divided into three categories: targeted transactions, strategic liquidity reserve and Quick trader cash pool. The principles of investment strategies in these categories are based on the structure of the respective underlying obligations. These principles form the basis for diversifying investment strategies.